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About Me

Being a photographer may not be on your mind but if you consistently follow up on the passion you don’t realise when you cross over to being one. I believe it’s really not upto you, if you have it in you, the passion just takes over. When you wake up one day to hearing yourself say,’ Ugh, today has been so f/4, 1/60, ISO 800, but tomorrow is looking totally f/16, 1/125, ISO 100′ you know you are one with your camera. Its when you wake up at unearthly hours in chilling cold to capture that moon over the horizon and pull yourself out of bed before everyone again so as not to miss the sunrise, there’s little hope for you. When you dismiss old pictures taken by you with a critical eye and cringe when you realise its your own work, you know you have grown as a photographer. I have enjoyed every bit of this growth and feel passionately towards it for the fact that there’s no end to the learning. It’s one field that never let’s you get stagnant and evolves your sensitivities as you progress until the picture is more important than the photographer and when that happens you have only just reached the next level of learning.

Being an interior designer by profession, I have always been a creative person and photography came easy to me. All the principles of design came handy for better composition of images, instinctively. Having loved travel and having travelled in limited means,  I entered the world of travel photography with my travel partner #embarqtours, pretty much hassle free. I’d like to mention #DCPexpeditions and the mentors for their incredible help and guidance. The journey has just begun and the best is yet to come.

Gauri Chitnis

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